Dan Judson 

Candidate for Thames Valley School Trustee - Wards 7, 8, 9, 10, 13




  • Over 20 years working with children and youth with disabilities and their families as a pediatric physiotherapist
  • 4 years as Chair of the Parent/School Council at Arthur Ford Public School where my children attend.
  • Proven effective advocacy skills when interacting with the School Boad, yielding positive results for our students

Your Trustee is Your Voice.

experience matters

Experience continued

​The majority of my career has focused on activities that invest in children and inspire them. I am especially concerned about children that feel marginalized in any way. In everything that I do as trustee, they will be in forefront of my mind. Here are some more things that I have done...

  • Board of Directors experience with SARI, Therapeutic Horseback Riding for the Disabled, and Chair of  their Program Committee.
  • ​Planned and implemented projects in Romania and West Africa to build schools and provide primary health care teaching.
  • Advocate to governments for children who need extra help. Co-authored the position paper for the Pediatric Physiotherapy Council of BC, which was submitted to the provincial government.
  • Very well acquainted with specialized services for children in the city of London, which will prove to be a valuable resource at the board level.

I chair the Parent Council at our school where we have successfully implemented the following initiatives:

  • ​a food cupboard was established to ensure that any child who is hungry will be able to have something to eat, and extra clothes are available for whenever they are needed.
  • parent engagement events to focus on literacy, numeracy, and children's mental health issues
  • significant efforts to facilitate an environment where ALL students feel welcome, safe, and a part of the "Firebird Family". This elevation of school spirit has notably reduced an array of conflicts
  • On issues affecting our school where we have disagreed with the school board, I have used my advocating and interpersonal skills to affect a change in decision that favoured of our school's position

My platform is based on my values of integrity, equality, compassion and common sense. I am a parent and community member who is very passionate, articulate, and highly experienced in school matters in the TVDSB. With a solid foundation we can build anything, and achieve anything.

  • ALL students, regardless of their situation, deserve to receive a quality education to prepare them for their future
  • ​ALL students have the right to feel safe at their school, and to know that they are part of a community that values them
  • Parents are crucial to the success of students. We must look within and learn from others about how to find ways to engage parents in the education process
  • Our teachers need the resources to best help students with behavioural or emotional challenges
  • Budget - be wise, be transparent, be accountable to our community

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